About the Memory Disorders Center

The Memory Disorders Center was launched in 2008 with support from the Sandy and Bob Heimann Chair in Research and Education of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Since that time, the Center has added a behavioral neurologist, Jennifer Rose V. Molano, MD, a nurse practitioner, Robin Bratt, CNP, and other support staff. In early 2011 the Center began enrolling patients in its first clinical trial.

The Center team is committed to helping families affected by the challenges of aging. In pursuing a timely, accurate diagnosis, the Center can differentiate between forgetfulness that is associated with normal aging and more serious memory issues that are the byproduct of more than 100 health conditions associated with cognitive decline.

Our multidisciplinary, patient-centered approach emphasizes the importance of lifestyle modifications and community support in addition to medication management. We partner closely with regional organizations, including the Alzheimer’s Association, the Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio and the Ohio Geriatrics Society.

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